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August 6, 2013
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The real meaning by uki--uki The real meaning by uki--uki
Yemen: The first steps towards criminalising drone strikes, Obama take note

'"America’s actions are legal" claimed President Obama in a speech on drones earlier this year. It was the latest in a string of attempts made by his administration to justify covert strikes carried out by the US overseas - in countries including the Arab peninsula’s poorest nation, Yemen.

But back in Yemen’s capital Sanaa, it appears the country’s civil society disagrees. Members of Yemen’s National Dialogue Conference (NDC) - a US-supported initiative which will map out Yemen’s post-Arab Spring future - overwhelmingly voted to criminalise drone strikes in Yemen. The Yemeni people have spoken. Now Presidents Hadi and Obama must listen - for their own sake, as much as that of Yemen.

While it is clear that no leader may lawfully authorise another sovereign to slaughter his own people, the decision to criminalise drones strikes sends a clear warning message to Hadi - if the current practice is to continue, it may well lead to a criminal prosecution.'

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sonrouge Aug 6, 2013
Not that I support dear leader getting us involved in some third world shithole that holds no benefit to us, but some political aims are more moral than others.
The dear leader is just a puppet, the puppeteers do have interest in other lands and so they pull the strings and drones are send. The banksters are the real rulers, they stay in the shadows, manipulating economies as they want to get what they want when they want, wealth and land. Have you heard of the Rothschild?

sonrouge Aug 6, 2013
No offense, man, but the bankers don't have a legal monopoly on the use of force and the ability to write laws.  They control the government about as much as the store owner controls the Mafia he's paying protection money to.
That is what they want people to think, they have power beyond the law, it is been kept in secret for long time, but not anymore. they own all the mainstream media, all the mega corporations, military industry complex, pharmaceutical compĺex, food industry, they own the central banks system. Just look at what they did to Greece and Cyprus, it is happening in US now, Detroit is bankrupted, the unemployment is about 80%, they didn't bail out US yet because it still usable. They want to totally control the middle east, because the resources available there, how? War, drones, etc. Also look at what they are doing to Syria, those "rebels" are in fact paid mercenaries to destroy the country.…

Here some more about how deep the rabbit hole goes:…
sonrouge Aug 7, 2013
Corporations didn't commit the Holocaust, corporations didn't commit the Rwandan Genocide, corporations didn't start the two greatest wars in history, corporations didn't commit the Cambodian Genocide, etc etc etc.

Looking through history, governments have committed the most crimes and the most murders.  And corporations, when involved, were involved because the government allowed them to be.

Sorry, but I'll believe history before I believe the proverbial conspiracy theorist.
Well that is the thing my friend actually they did, Rothschild manipulate the economies to make the WWI and II to happen, London is a corporation if you didn't know that. It is been all about wealth and land, whom make the weapon used in wars? Companies corporations that are secular, whom own it? The same people that owns the central banks! Did you read and research about the Rothschild? Please do.

Now they also own the media, and they repeat over and over things that they want you to believe. but none of the things im telling you is going to be found in the main stream media!
Here some info about it, just in the US 6 corporations own all the media:…

Again governments are not governments anymore, this mega rich people with their mega corporations are controlling many governments around the world, today it is nothing more than a public relations departement, puppets, nothing more.

And it is no theory my friend it is fact, do a little research and you will start find much more than you think you would. Information is available, it is out there, it is waiting for you, I already pointed some links for you, if you haven't read/watch yet please do, it is quite educative.
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