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September 5, 2013
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Syria war built on lies by uki--uki Syria war built on lies by uki--uki
Another round of lies to invade an innocent country to kill innocent people.

Now the chemical weapons are fluoride the same thing they put in your water. read:…

So they been using chemical weapons in the water !


Who is really behind Syria war:…
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abosherkoshamalhawa Sep 13, 2013  Student Interface Designer

We have to stand up for what we are believed in, such a huge crime against humanity should not pass without any considerations. Otherwise, we will pay a heavy price for delayed actions. We have to make this decision by the right of justice, defending American values, morals and the fundamentals of our great nation. As civil world leaders, Assad must judge for his tyranny and war crimes against humanity, against vulnerable children's, against oppressed people was looking for freedom.

Assad isn't the one to blame, but the power behind what is going on there is the central bank cartel, the super mega rich people that want to take over all the resources and land from the countries in the middle east and abroad, the chemical weapons issue was done by the paid mercenaries funded by this same central bank cartel. There no rebels there, only paid mercenaries funded by the bank cartel. They did the same thing but in with different lies as a excuse to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now they are trying hard to do the same in Egypt and Syria,
Syria is against the use of CW and here is what they have done to prove that and to prove they didn't use it on their own people,(that was the mercenaries responsibility).…
Syria: Nerve gas points to Obama backed jihadists as White House Chief of Staff Admits they don't have evidence Assad carried it out(no evidence what so ever):…

Don't be mistaken here, the zionists want the land the resources and to control the people all over the world, they will use whatever lies and tricks they can to do it, they are the mind masters of all conflicts around the world.

People don't want war, nobody want war, this picture is clearly saying there are lies ongoing about what is going on in Syria, and we should not believe those lies.
abosherkoshamalhawa Sep 14, 2013  Student Interface Designer
For more than two years, the Syrian people has been fighting for its freedom and its dignity. Men, women and children are victims of bullets, torture, bombs, lack of food, lack of medication and now of toxic Gaz capable of suppressing thousands of lives at a time. So far, there is more that 100,000 dead, millions of displaced and countless injured. Children represent a large part of the victims. For more than two years, we witness the suffering of the Syrian people. Have you seen these images of people dying in the street, of mutilated children, of young men bleeding to death? Have you seen the panic in children’s eyes and the mothers screaming their despair? Have you seen the bodies, aligned by doze ns? We will keep in our memory these images of horror and also the incapacity of the UN to take its responsibilities and to stop this catastrophe. It is more than time to act.
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Silver-ShadowOni Sep 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Everytime I time I see something in the newspaper I just think "blame Obama for this war."
Obama is just a puppet, the real mind master of all this are the super mega rich people that owns the banks and the most resources on the planet like more than 70%.
ComradeSch Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed so. Hence why I exist.
Silver-ShadowOni Sep 6, 2013  Student General Artist
Then I channel more of my hate to them.
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